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The pianist Anna Lisa Bellini ... on this occasion showed a touch of elegance and refinement, in the service of a performance of great emotional intensity, the culmination of which occurred during the proposition of Chopin's Funeral March. The public has shown much appreciate the concert, by paying to the artist long and enthusiastic applause, reciprocated with an encore of Chopin, consisting in Study in C minor, op. 10 n. 12, also known by the nickname of "Revolutionary", worthy of closing a recital of high thickness ".
CriticaClassica Naples
February 5, 2015

"A program on the whole very intense and enhanced interpretation of the two great artists, the actress Paola Pitagora and pianist Anna Lisa Bellini, who gave birth to a spectacle of rare beauty ; the result of a meticulous depth, conveying strong emotions to the public".
CriticaClassica ( Marco Ddel Vaglio) Naples
May 16, 2013

"Dear friend, I write Sutrina summer and especially music in Sutri. When you have to write a show that is" beautiful "you are in big trouble: you look for an equivalent term but it is equally challenging. Anna Lisa Bellini and Paola with Pythagoras "Poems of the Night and the Moon" clearly we have succeeded. on 22 September 2012, have created a show "unique and magical."
They evoked with their talent and with a "feminine completeness", two genes: Leopards and Chopin. Leopardi has given us Peter Cited and Chopin Nocturnes. The Bellini that turns listening in a charming and intimate "journey of the soul" and that for a decade makes us very proud with its Beethoven Festival and Pythagoras that we follow as an actress from "Fists in the Pocket" by Bellocchio and as by "artist" Winds writer managed to move. These challenging the sentences I would cancel for a false modesty, but intellectual honesty did not allow me. Using a form "nineteenth-century romantic" because it best suits the event and why it seems to me that would make my enthusiasm. "

Dear friend by VITTORIO NEVANO
September 22, 2012

"The three artists (Anna Lisa Bellini piano,Angelo Persichilli flute and Alfredo Persichillicello) were appreciated for a proven line of intent - also the result of a clear long-standing familiarity with the chamber-size for both the individual qualities of the three performers.
"L’Eco di Bergamo B.Z.
November 2, 2011

"Fine, but alsobrilliant the performance of two songs by Gabriel Faure" Fantasia op.79 "op.24 and Elegy." Dreamy and mysterious style of Claude Debussy, emerged from Syrinx for flute and enchanting "Clair de Lune" for piano, in contrast with the enthusiasm of the spirited and determined virtuosic "Allegro passionate" for cello by Camille Saint-Saëns. Warm applause and closing with the Trio in D minor by Felix Mendelssohn, a masterpiece of difficult interpretation, in which the three parties have been able to calibrate in the sections of alternating and overlapping, in building a harmonious and melodic pleasant and intelligent. Each part has been enhanced by other supporting them in turn, also the piano, expressed with unusual intensity of communication. "
Dicember 17, 2011

"The pianist was able to create a blended and homogenous mixture of tone colours, with a rigorous performance, enrich of sweet feelings"
IL GAZZETTINO - Rovigo 10.03.2010 (Milena Dolcetto)

"The sensibility of Anna Lisa Bellini, her inclination to a suspended lyricism, her technique, purposed to emphasizing the sonorities, transform the listening in an evocative and introspective journey of the soul"

"She is a most endowed pianist who has enchanted the audience for her sound's quality and her personality"

"Anna Lisa Bellini is a pianist endowed of a very remarkable technique enslaved to absolutely clear and relevant interpretative intentions, the touch renders the sound always harmonious. Her way of presenting the musical phrases is exemplary"
FIRENZE (Giovanni Vitali)

"…A sound full of enthusiasm and feeling, tension and dramatic strength"
L'UNITA' - Roma (E.V.)

"…Her way to play piano is polished, exciting, with rich sonorities richly spaced, with certain rhythmical shrewdness"
LA NAZIONE - Firenze

"….the pianist stands out for her touch and sonorities with a praiseworthy clarity ."
L'ECO DI BERGAMO - Bergamo (Lorenzo Tassi)

"….Anna Lisa Bellini is a pianist of international level. She enjoys an enchanting musicality and expressive equilibrium, with an excellent technique and a refined and warm touch…."
L'ECO DI BERGAMO - Bergamo (Lorenzo Tassi)

"…She possess not only an extraordinary technique but also an excellent musicality and a rich and expressive personality"

"....Her exceptional execution has found favour with the audience's attention, with virtuosities, phrasings and technique of high school that threw those presents into ecstasies"
PRESENZA - Santiago del Cile

" and protagonist of Sutri Beethoven Festival, she has ennobled the execution of the Beethoven's piano concert "Emperor" which is a milestone of piano repertory,......her interpretation is rich, brilliant, incisive, powerful, in one word "majestic"........ "
IL TEMPO - Viterbo (Bruna Ferrini)

"Anna Lisa Bellini's personality and technical solidity are emerged with clarity, with sensibility and temperament….
Great wealth of timbres, and a shrewd structural exposition of a complex page such as the Schubert's Sonata D958. And Liszt and Chopin among the enthusiastic consents of the Oratorio"
IL SECOLO XIX - Genova (Giorgio De Martino)

"Anna Lisa Bellini has demonstrated of being fully qualified for a considerable career ….
The artist clearly has exhibited hers great interpretative dowries that go from an exquisite musicality to the ready affirmation of temperament and character, from the certain dominion of instrumental means to the particular cleanliness of the performance"
ALTO ADIGE - Bolzano (Andrea Bambace)

"Soloist with undoubted abilities and marked musicality, Anna Lisa Bellini has obtained prolonged applause at the end of each performance"
LA CITTADELLA - Mantova (Dino Gatti)

"……Great musical presence of Anna Lisa Bellini, capable of high refinements"
L'ARENA - Verona (Chiara Zocca)

" Endowed of an exquisite wealth of timbres that is suited very well to the boundless universe of the sonorities of Schubert, Anna Lisa Bellini has solved the questions of a complex writing. She has found the appropriate key to open the world of allusions and inner reflections that represent the characteristic of the last pages of Schubert.
…. Anna Lisa Bellini has caught the true animus of the Brahms's Kalvierstücke Op.118, jewels of the extreme creative reflection"
LA VOCE DI MANTOVA - Mantova (Laura Paduano)

"Anna Lisa Bellini has proposed an impeccable Mozart's Piano Concerto K467. Beautiful sound, elegant phrasing, good Mozart's style, the young soloist has impressed very warmly…."
LA STAMPA - Genova (R. I.)

"The pianist Anna Lisa Bellini is a thoughtful musician who measured herself with works that could in some way to summarize that Kind of composing which opposes to outward appearance of drama and to virtuosity conceived such as bravura….. Not wishing to please the audience but to meet it in a poetic dimension, where the confession an the prophecy shuffle the cards and where the Last Judgement fear, the one which originates from the aware belonging to the circle of life destined to an end, doesn't fear to appear. Therefore, for its sublime messages, the Anna Lisa Bellini's task wasn't one of the simplest. However we have not had the difficulty with following her in her serious and coherent course, in her careful technical finishing, in her concentration, rich of clearness and susceptible to the details, that have produced a very credible Schubert and a sound Brahms, opened to visionary instincts. All this has been expressed in a performance with an intense participation for the large audience, which has applauded warmly"
LA GAZZETTA DI MANTOVA - Mantova (Andrea Zaniboni)

"…Her way to play piano is vigorous and authoritative"
LA STAMPA - Genova (R.I.)

"….Very good pianist Anna Lisa Bellini, basic structure of the four strings"
IL TEMPO - Roma (Renzo Bovoncini)

"…Her way to play piano is sound and suggesting depth

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La sintesi poetica nelle forme brevi
Anna Lisa BELLINI 
BEETHOVEN 32 Variations in C minor
CHOPIN 24 Preludes op.28

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La sintesi poetica nelle forme brevi
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La sintesi poetica nelle forme brevi
Anna Lisa BELLINI 
HUMMEL 24 Preludes op.67
BEETHOVEN 32 Variations in C minor
CHOPIN 24 Preludes op.28


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